Alanis Morissette – Under Rug Swept

Alanis Morissette
Artist: Alanis Morissette
Title: Under Rug Swept
Label: Maverick
Rating: 7.5/10

Who: Alanis Morissette. Come on you know who she is.

Style: Alanis all the way.

Keep this above:
“Hands Clean” – An absolute coming out. Alanis goes raw on a former mentor who was given fame because of Alanis. Who also received some sexual favors. Naughty, soulful, and very potent. “ooh don’t go telling everybody/ and overlook this supposed crime … and I have honored your request for silence/ and you’ve washed your hands clean of this”.
“A Man” – a tight fisted punch in the gut.
“Surrendering” – a tightrope walk between giving everything over to love.
“Utopia” – something here is precious and it doesn’t matter that you can’t exactly put your finger on it.

You call it:
“21 Things I Want In A Lover” – an interesting looking into Alanis’ preferences, but nothing more than a hooky personal ad.
“Narcissus” – the song is completely disjointed. The verse goes its way, the bridge its own, and then the chorus comes complete and strings together nothing although it’s the most interesting piece.
“Precious Illusions” – great hook, and another look in the black abyss of Alanis’ soul.
“You Owe Me Nothing In Return” – a lonesome promise of unconditional love.

Sweep this under:
“Flinch” – momentarily interesting but the guy who gave her such pains sounded much fresher in the past.

Alanis fans and supporters will have their obvious opinions. I’m a fan, but it doesn’t hold a candle in way of hits to Jagged Little Pill, what it does offer is another look into the psychosis of Alanis. No matter how many looks we get, Alanis always gives us something to come back for.

+ rae gun

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