Moby – Play

Artist: Moby
Title: Play
Label: V2
Rating: 8/10

I must say that I was interested in what Moby’s new album, Play, would be like because each of his albums is very different from the last. Play showcases Moby as a poet, pianist, singer, guitar player, and displays his stylistic range throughout the eighteen tracks.

Play is not really very techno, meaning the sound of the genre we hear out in clubs. This album is the kind that people could just sit down and listen to or get up and dance to. Play is seasoned with many different types of non-electronic sounds, such as harmonica and banjo. You will also hear songs sung in multiple parts. Electric and acoustic guitars show up here and there throughout the album as well.

“Machete” is the song on the album that you would most likely hear out at a club. It is the techno song that I am looking forward to hearing when I am out. Moby puts this one right smack in the middle of the album. “Machete” serves as a turning point for the album, displaying the most intensity.

“Run On” is just a little bit silly with a neat little melody pounded out on the piano in the background, sure to stick in your head. In my opinion, this is the most fun song on the whole album. Moby also provides us with poetic lyrics that are sung in parts. He even dishes out some break beat.

Moby changes the pace toward the end of Play. The last five or six songs are mostly in minor keys and at a slower pace. The finale song, “My Weakness”, changes to a major key and has a very spiritual sound.

Play demonstrates the diversity of what people consider electronic music. It includes a wide variety of styles. This makes it difficult for listeners to classify Play under one type of electonica, among which are trance, ambient, techno, etc. This gives the album a universal appeal. I could easily see people enjoying this music in their homes, at work, or in public places, everywhere from a club to a restaurant, an elevator to a store. With all of these quality tracks, there is something for everyone. Who can resist pure musical talent demonstrated through vocals, piano, and guitar, and combined with poetic lyricism, aided by technology? Anyone with an open mind should definitely check this out.

+ LkwdslvR

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