Millencolin – Home for Home

Artist: Millencolin
Title: Home for Home
Label: Epitaph
Rating: 7.5/10

Millencolin. Punk and rock, not more one or the other.

Rock me:
“Man Or Mouse” – great hook, and completely stuck in my head.
“Fingers Crossed” – better than anything those pop punk brats could ever churn out.
“Black Eye” – slower, not quite mellow and far from bad.
“Kemp” – another sweet hook.
“Battery Check” – simply a mellow track with heart.

Middle of the road:
“Motego” and “Punk Rock Rebel” – a little slow, one listen is good enough.
“Botanic Mistress” – a little too sappy.

Millencolin are sure to give you a good bang for your buck on Home From Home.

+ rae gun

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