Metallica – St. Anger

Artist: Metallica
Title: St. Anger
Label: Elektra
Rating: 6/10

Company Line: When you’re able to brandish the kind of musical firepower that Metallica has unleashed for more than two decades – 10 uncompromising albums, marking an unprecedented reign as the Greatest hard rock band in history you learn a thing or two about where to aim. But curiously enough, the making of their first studio album since 1997’s Re-Load, the primal, raptorial, St. Anger, found Metallica not behind the turrets this time, but in the firing line itself.

The Good:
“Unnamed Feeling” – Metallica can still be rough yet show a side that most groups can’t.
“All Within My Hands” – The best songs always come out of personal torment.

The Marginal:
“Frantic” – It is frantic yet not as much as Ride The Lightening, instead more in the line of And Justice For All.
“Some Kind Of Monster” – We get a solo, we get a dark storyline only problem is that Hetfield’s voice sounds strained and thin.
“St. Anger” – The riffs rip and Hetfield’s voice punishes each word both in a good and bad way.

The Ugly:
“My World” – Yikes. The vocals are almost painful to listen to.

Frankly: One question, where is Kirk Hammett’s solos? The one thing we have always been used to getting is phenomenal feats of fret work yet nothing remotely close to the licks of the past. Secondly Hetfield’s vocals sound worn and stretched thing. St. Anger isn’t the past yet isn’t the future it seems. There is a haze that fell between And Justice and Load. This seems to be the album that bridged the gap yet falls after the fact.

+ rae gun

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