Marvelous Three – ReadySexGo

Marvelous Three
Artist: Marvelous Three
Title: ReadySexGo
Label: Elektra
Rating: 7.5/10

I loved Marvelous 3’s previous release, Hey! Album. It was one of my favorite albums of ’99, so when I found out I was getting a chance to review their upcoming release, I couldn’t contain my enthusiasm.

The opener, “Little Head”, has everything you’ve come to love from M3: chugging guitars, sweet harmonies, and a big stadium rock anthem. “Grant Park” comes off with a Joan Jett crunch and builds off of that. Butch’s voice is glittering as it chews concrete and spits out gravel.

The lovelorn “Get Over” is an anthem we’ve all taken inside ourselves, crying from heartbreak. “Sugarbuzz” is the album’s first single. It’s catchy, just not as good as the first three. M3 may not be the world’s greatest storytellers, but their melodies are tops. “Radio Tokyo” is no exception. It’s straight out of the ’70’s and could have been on Bowie’s Ziggy album.

Even when they’re cheesy, M3 is still good. It’s hard to get away with it, but they seem to do it effortlessly. Try a line like “don’t wash your mind if it’s dirty” from “Beautiful”. “I’m Losing You” features a fresh wave while mixing elements both old and new. A futuristic M3? The prospect is quite interesting.

Marvelous 3 rolls out the arena rock ballad as Butch plugs away on “Cigarette Lighter Love Song”. Now I’m taking a shot at what this title means, so here we go. Remember all those videos from the ’80’s with the hair bands like Motley Crue or Poison singing ballads as the crowd sways to and fro with their lighters raised? Well, this song is going to bring that back. Just don’t leave after the last track. There are some credits told and a remix to behold. All in all, M3 has given us a taste of the past, present, and the future, all on one delicious offering.

+ charlie craine

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