Master P.

Master P.

Master P in the heart of uptown New Orleans, Louisiana, grew up in the third ward Calliope projects. After his mother and father separated, his mother moved to Richmond, California. Master P decided to stay in New Orleans and travel frequently to California to spend time with his mom. His mother agreed it was important for him to stay in school in New Orleans and grow up with his father and his family. Remaining in New Orleans, P and his brothers were raised by their paternal grandmother. When P’s grandfather came into an inheritance, P was given ten thousand dollars. Striving to be an entrepreneur, Master P took this money and opened an independent record store in Richmond, California called No Limit Records. After gaining first hand knowledge of the music industry as a retailer, P felt he had the business savvy to embark on his dream to become an entertainer as well as owning his own record company. No Limit Records, the retail store became No Limit, the record company. The first release, Master P’s “The Ghetto’s Tryin’ to Kill Me” sold over 100,000 units independently. The second release also from Master P was the EP “99 Ways To Die”, which went on to sell over 200,000 units, also without major distribution.

After selling over a quarter of a million records, several of the major labels came to Master P offering him a deal. Weighing all his options, he decided to sign his company, No Limit, to a straight pressing and distribution deal with Priority Records. “In order for me to stay true to myself and my company, I had to maintain complete creative control,” says P. When the deal was solidified with Priority in 1995, No Limit Records released TRU (made up of Master P and his brothers, Silkk the Shocker and C-Murder). Their album entitled “True” went on to sell over 400,000 units, while patenting the phrase and hit song “Bout it Bout it.” TRUE continues to maintain a spot on the Billboard R&B album chart. With a national distribution deal and over a million records under the No Limit belt, Master P went on to make musical history by executive producing the first rap compilations’, “Down South Hustlers” and “West Coast Bad Boyz”. Both records held fast on the Billboard charts for several months.

As No Limit records continued to gain notoriety, Master P’s 1996 solo release of “Ice Cream Man” made a smash debut at number three on the Billboard R&B chart, selling over 800,000 units and counting. Also released from No Limit in 1996 were Kane & Abel’s “The 7 Sins” and Silkk the Shocker’s self-titled album, which entered the Billboard R&B chart at number six.

In early 1997 Master P released the unprecedented success, “Master P presents.. West Coast Bad Boyz II”, the follow-up compilation dedicated to Tupac Shakur. With the debut of the project at number two on the Billboard R&B chart and number eight on the Billboard Top 200 album chart, it was time to recognize No Limit Records. In the following weeks, P released TRU’s latest project, “TRU 2 DA Game”, which debuted at number two on the R&B chart, number one on the Rap chart and number eight on the Top 200. Within one week of its release, “TRU 2 DA Game’ was RLAA certified Gold and is now double Platinum.

As the success story thickens, Master P proves there’s ‘no limit’ to his dreams. His first feature film, ‘I’m Bout It’, a straight to video project that he financed, wrote, directed and produced, debuted number one on Billboard’s Top Music Video chart and has attained a multi-platinum selling status. The film is based loosely on his life growing up in New Orleans and expresses the harsh reality of survival in one of the toughest neighborhoods in America. ‘I’m Bout It’ stars Master P and co-stars Helen Martin, Mack 10, Moon Jones and a host of others. The soundtrack to ‘I’m Bout It’, also a Platinum seller, made history. According to Billboard magazine, ‘never before had a soundtrack charted unless it was accompanied by a theatrical film release.’ The soundtrack debuted number one on Billboard’s R&B album chart and number four on Billboard’s Top 200.

Approaching the latter part of 1997, the muck anticipated solo album from the Master himself is upon us, entitled ‘Ghetto D’. The album features appearances from gold and platinum recording artists’ Foxy Brown, TRU, Mystikal, Too Short, E-40 and Mia X, to name a few. The album is sure to be another huge accomplishment for Master P and No Limit Records. The first single and video ‘I Miss My Homies’ is an amazing song with an unforgettable book. Lyrically, it will touch any person who has ever lost somebody close to them. Another title track on Ghetto D is ‘Gangstas Need Love’ featuring Mercedes, Mystikal, Fiend and The Shocker, all of No Limit Records. Twisting that mid-tempo groove and hook from the Diana Ross hit ‘Since You Been Away” and topping it with Ps one of a kind style and flow, another kit is in order. All the tracks on Ghetto D are produced by No Limit’s production team, Beats By The Pound, and written by Master P, who will certainly be delivering another platinum story to the music game.

With all the success of No Limit records and all there is to come, one can understand why Master P is “Bout It’ and “Tru 2 Da Game’. No Limit has indeed become the most successful independent record company in the country. Thanks to Master Ps never ending vision for his empire, No Limit Records will continue not only to impress, but to have a major impact on the industry and fans for many years to come …. Cause there’s ‘No Limit’ for No Limit Records.



  2. whad up P ,
    Heard ALOT of & from u,u’ll soon be doing da same of & from us(ROUNDY) in what u do best,”MUSIC”.
    Luv Ya & Ya Ms (Music & Movies)


  4. I’m a upcoming artist from North Carolina & I’am trying to get a record deal. I’am still putting my mixtape together but when I get through I will find you and pleasently let u listen to it. I’am 17 years old and I got a lot of potential ! ! ! ! !

  5. wha up p love all your music you are the realist man alive i was hoping you an lil romeo drop some more hits i had a mom that die two weeks ago you know how that is i am from saginaw michigan its a bad place to live but i was wondering if you or

    if yes my is 19898823693 god bless you an your family

    son can be on my album if no i understand you the man

  6. Hi MasterP sorry I have’nt moved to New Orleans, as of yet
    but indefinite, I will do that. I believe. Ha, Ha..

    Have a good day.

  7. whats up cuz my grandmother and yourgrandfather is sis and brotheryour cuz from the westbank keep on trusting in GOD IN OUR LORDJESUS HE IS THE WAY TRUTH AND LIFE YOUR CUZ MANSHACK/PENN FAMILY.

  8. I’m having a hard time moving to New Orleans, I don’t have a job there. And getting an apartment, I need that. So I was wondering if I could stay with you? My 13 year old son Da’rrell went to stay with his dads people, so I’m single.
    I hope you say yea. thank you your cuz stacy, maybe I could work for you. California or New Orleans. I like it.
    you can get in touch @ (803)799-0331.

  9. If I ever forgot to comment on you, and the things you do;
    your clothes, show about what you do.
    Your sweatsuits hang like a fan wait’in to get up in it.

  10. do you or your parents know any hutton’s that leaves in new orlean or amite lousiana this is important.

  11. Hello Master P,
    Please provide me with the name of that old school song that contains the words make’em say uhh! I have been researching this for a couple of years. This would really be helpful to me. By the way, I am from the 10th ward and I am getting back into the DJ Game.

  12. hey whats up my man master of master p, man i just wanna hola at you nto tell you that you are a real mutha fucka homie, and i used to live in killakali in frisco, and sacramento. i got nothin but respect foe you my man. im glad you made it out of the ghetto homie. gracias for you music make me think of my goals in this fuckin life. thanks foe keep it real dog¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  13. Wats up P? Check dis out, I’m currently taking a business class and I decided to do a research paper based on your entrepeneur skills and the history of your businesses. If you can provide me with a website, where I can access dis info, I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance

  14. I saw you on the Monique show and I was so impressed with you. I am 58 years olds. I have childred that have listen to your music. Glad to see you have taken charge of your life and your future. I have seen how you have kept your children safe and there for them. Take care and keep up with giving back. We all have made mistakes but you got to keep going.

  15. A Mother’s Christmas Plea

    Holiday of Hope & Help for Sandra & Tyron

    I am reminded of the Word of the Lord that comes from Mathew 25:35 when it comes to meeting the needs of other and God giving to us so that we can give. It is truly amazing how even in ministry, people give so much of themselves and yet they are hurting, hiding, and going without. I’ve had the honor of meeting a single mother in ministry who has given so much to others and to meet this woman of God you would not know she is hiding, hurting and in need of so much.

    Her name is Sandra Williams. She has a son named Tyron. He is 9 years old and is a very smart and well manner kid. They have been separated for seven months, living in separate places. This young mother stopped smiling right after Thanksgiving and we all know that many people get depressed during the Holidays. So to my surprise when I ask Sandra what was worrying her, she answered nothing. I said are you sure? After great hesitation she stated to me, Pastor, I don’t won’t worry you but it getting close to Christmas and I can’t get my son anything and what I would like is a home for the two of us, a bedroom suit for him so he no long have to sleep on the floor, a Wii game and some clothes for him nothing for myself. If God would just do that I would be grateful. She went on and said I’m praying but God won’t help me. What am I doing wrong? I’m unemployed; I lost my apartment; I injured my back; I’m going to therapy; I’m about to lose my car and I’m afraid that I will lose my child and I just can’t handle that and I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried all the agencies and there is no help for us.

    I prayed to God on her and her son’s behalf that God would reunite them and God placed it upon my heart to ask others on the mother’s behalf. The ministry doesn’t have the resources at this time. We are small in numbers but big enough to love so any help you and the kindness of others give would be gratefully appreciated. For more information, please email me at [email protected] or call me at (404) 604-8973. Thanks for you time and help.

    In His Service,
    Pastor E. Howard

  16. Hi master.p im a fan of cymphonique and im a fan of you to. can i meet cymphonique? i will love to. i love her song lil miss swagger. i dont know my email address but i can tall you my lest name its darden. i whant to meet cymphonique and i whant to meet you and your family

  17. Hello my name is Melissa I saw you on the show . I was wondering if you would be willing to come and speak to some ex offender who I work with in Delaware. I am trying to open up a program to help them when they get out of prison. The governor in delaware states
    that we need more program like it. I am wondering if you would be willing to come and speak to them. Please help I listened to your music growing up now I am also trying to give back now that I am 44.

  18. Hi Master P, what’s your people’s name whom I’m related to. So I can tell them. I don’t think we know anything. It’s a small world.

    talk to you later

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