Master P. – Only God Can Judge Me

Master P.
Artist: Master P.
Title: Only God Can Judge Me
Label: No Limit
Rating: 2.5/10

You’d expect to be happy to find that Master P. is still making the rap music that made him a businessman and got him on the cover of Fortune magazine, but he seems to be way off his game. The tracks aren’t exciting. On top of that, he barely shows up in any of them. Each features another rapper to make up for his lack of skills. His crossover seems to be better than his rhyming.

The first couple of songs roll along without notice. “Return Of Da Don” caught my ear with the lame intro that attempts some sort of accent. It’s so bad that I can’t even figure out who they are trying to be. The chorus might win some fans, “If you a soldier then raise your rags/ but if you a hater then you better hide your flags.” It’s catchy, but the beats are unspeakable.

Nas finds himself in a sticky situation. “Where Do We Go From Here” sounds just like Tupac’s “Dear Mama”. If you liked Tupac, you won’t like “Ya’ll Don’t Know”. It is a clear Tupac rip-off. The closest this album gets to good is “Ain’t Nothing Changed”. Its anthem-like chorus just might get you wound up like a top.

Almost all of this record is forgettable. The beats are horrible. I keep waiting for Whodini or Kurtis Blow to come out and start busting a rhyme or two. If you just have to purchase every No Limit release then by all means buy this, but don’t tell me about how disappointed you are. I already gave you my opinion.

+ cc morris

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