Our Lady Peace – Gravity

Our Lady Peace
Artist: Our Lady Peace
Title: Gravity
Label: Columbia
Rating: 9/10

It’s about time that America appreciated Canadian music. Our Lady Peace has been delivering some seriously good rock for a long time. Gravity is the album that will break them in the States that is if Mtv and radio have enough sense to give them the time they deserve.

“All For You” – A deep track that is pure rock ‘n’ roll and a great line:

“Broken families are the new enemies”.

“Do You Like It” – This is a twisted ballad that could be a huge hit if only the Dj’s knew good music when they heard it.

“Somewhere Out There” – Another sort of spaced out love song that touches all the right places.

“Innocent” – Spending time in your basement listening to music and reminiscing stirs up a song that boasts the most practical infectious track. The song also dives into things such as the state of the material: “Tina’s losing faith in what she knows/ thinks of surgery and a new nose/ every calorie is a war”.

“Sell My Soul” – “I hold on/ I’d sell my soul for you”. Lovely.

“A Story About A Girl” – Just wait, I promise it will get you too.

“Sorry” – On most albums this track would be the best, here it’s another good track that rounds out a great record.

“Made Of Steel” – I love the track right up to the part when singer Raine sings about being made of steel.

“Not Enough” – A little slow down to knock you off pace.

There is nothing here that will find you skipping to the next track. So hide your remote.

Before you write these guys off as clones realize they’ve been around longer than most bands out today. So if you love rock and wondered where the hell it went then you need this record. Gravity is the best rock record I’ve heard in a long time. Believe me, I’ve had a promo for over month and its been playing nonstop. Buy it, now!

+ charlie craine

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