On – Shifting Skin

Artist: On
Title: Shifting Skin
Label: Epic
Rating: 7/10

Give me a guitar and hand me a drum machine. Then you can turn me On.

On is simply Ken Andrews. Andrews was previously in the group Failure and produced Blinker The Star, but now he has taken his game to a new arena. A solo project. Andrews’ Shifting Skin is an interesting hybrid of pure rock and machinery.

“Sling Shot” has the hook and doesn’t lack in the musical collage. The first single is the fuzzed out “Soluble Words”. It’s toe tapping good. Listening to “If I Get To Feel You”, I’m really confused about what this album is trying to accomplish. Torn, I listen on.

Most tracks seem longer than they are and are catchy without repeating a line over a thousand times. You will be rather quickly satisfied.

“Perfect Imposter” is a good example of a song where the music overpowers its maker. Andrews sings, but the music is the hook. “Avalanche” is brilliant. Great verses build into an even better chorus. It’s happy music. “Feel At Home” might be too gentle for radio, but it’s got a hell of a great backbeat.

“Paper Thin Soul” has the blockbuster taste of the ’80’s. It sounds like Duran Duran, but with a new face and a straighter nose. And finally, my favorite track, “Building”. It’s simple and damn pleasant.

Ken Andrews is fabulous as both a musician and producer. His music may not satisfy mass consumption, but he’ll be the envy of most musicians. I don’t care if I can’t slip this music into some ready-made genre. It’s just good, and that is what matters most.

+ rae gun

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