L.L. Cool J. – 10

L.L. Cool J.
Artist: L.L. Cool J.
Title: 10
Label: Def Jam
Rating: 5/10

LL Cool J. is a legend. Ladies love him. Guys want be him, but has the years caught up to him?

Sorry. You won’t find the living legend on this record.

“10 Million Stars” – LL is still telling us not to call it a come back, it’s getting old. This might be the best track on the album but its still not up to his days past.
“Amazin’” – Cute, but LL doesn’t shine.
“Big Mama” – I wanted to love it, but only found myself enjoying it.
“Luv U Better”
“Fa Ha” – You want it to be hotter, but it’s not up there with hits of the past.
“Paradise” – Amerie adds a nice element but LL doesn’t contribute.

Passed By:
“After School” – A chorus about watching the Knicks? Lame. P. Diddy, well that says it all.
“Niggy Nuts” – What is he trying to prove?
“Born To Love You” – LL finds himself without words and quoting himself from stronger days long past.

+ cc morris

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