Local H – Whatever Happened To P.J. Soles

Local H
Artist: Local H
Title: Whatever Happened To P.J. Soles
Label: Studio E.
Rating: 8/10

Corporate Line: For this, their fifth full length release, the band teamed with co-producer/engineer Andy Gerber (Caviar, Sullen) to create an emotional aural landscape built, at least in part, of influences ranging from echoes of 60’s psychedelia to 70’s punk rock, from the 80’s indie underground to the sounds of the 21st Century. Launching with the insistent fury of the syncopated, proto-industrial “Where Are They Now?”, Whatever Happened To P.J. Soles? is a full power-hour of real rock-n-roll.

The Good:
“Heaven On The Way Down” – Gorgeous. The best song on the record-–finally a mixture of good lyrics and straight-ahead rocking.
“Dick Jones” – Starts off slow but this rocker builds up steam and sets us up for a wonderful climax. And they said rock was dead.
“Buffalo Trace” – Storms through a ten plus minute trance inducing rock song. Local H has a lot more road to cover and this is a great starting point.
“Hey, Rita” – Yum! Get your rocks out.
“P.J. Soles” – I don’t know who the hell P.J. is, but the song is lovely.
“Halcyon Days (Where Were You Then?” – A climax is always the best way to go out.

The Average:
“Everyone Alive” – Not lyrically brilliant yet storms on just long enough to make up for it.
“California Songs” – Singer Scott Lucas has that lazy, I don’t care attitude, and that actually works-–he’s giving us his own style not someone else’s.

The Ugly:
“Where Are They Now?” – Distortion with nothing else to offer.

Frankly: Local H, thankfully, hasn’t taken the road often traveled by every other lame ass rock band-–to sound the same. Local H isn’t afraid to rock out and be themselves. Never does singer Scott Lucas pretend to be some dry alternative rock band singer from the ‘90s trying out his best Nirvana impression. I want to say, thanks.

+ Rae Gun

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