Lisa Loeb – Cake and Pie

Lisa Loeb
Artist: Lisa Loeb
Title: Cake and Pie
Label: A&M
Rating: 7/10

Lisa Loeb has had little success since her absolute monster hit “Stay” was released in 1995. Firecracker, her sophomore release boasted “I Do” which did okay however its now been five years since we last heard from Loeb. Can you have your Cake And Pie and eat it too?

Eating cake:
“Bring Me Up” – a lovely song about need and desire to ease the demons.
“Underdog” – smooth verse and fun chorus even through its uncertainty.
“Someone You Should Know” – by far the albums best track. Loeb still has the knack.

Somewhere in between:
“The Way It Really Is” – sometimes pretty, sometimes painful.
“Everyday” – interesting to a point.
“Kick Start” – this tracks needs its own kick start.
“Payback”- starts off well but wavers.

Eating crow:
“Too Fast Driving” – too little too late.

After a few listens Cake And Pie seems to grow rather well on you. Guess you can have your Cake And Pie and eat it too.

+ rae gun

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