Lindsay Lohan – Speak

Lindsay Lohan
Artist: Lindsay Lohan
Title: Speak
Label: Casablanca
Rating: 4/10

CORPORATE LINE: In 2003, Lindsay starred in Disney’s remake of Freaky Friday, a role that was originated by Jodie Foster. Lindsay starred opposite Jamie Lee Curtis, who recently received a 2004 Golden Globe Nomination for her role in the film. Lindsay also appears on the movie’s soundtrack singing the main theme song, ‘Ultimate.’ Lindsay recently starred in Disney’s Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, in which she also can be heard singing two of the songs for the movie’s soundtrack and also starred in Paramount’s Mean Girls directed by Mark Waters and written by Tina Fey. She recently hosted the “2004 MTV Movie Awards” and won the award for ‘Female Breakout Out Star.

Lindsay is currently in production on Disney’s remake of Herbie, the Love Bug, titled ‘HERBIE: Fully Loaded’ directed by Angela Robinson.’ Her upcoming projects include Lady Luck, directed by Donald Petrie for Fox-Regency, and she star and co-produce the Paramount project, Fashionistas.

Lindsay is following her music aspirations and has recently signed with Tommy Mottola’s Casablanca Records. Lindsay was born on Long Island, New York and separates her time between Los Angeles and New York.

Nothing, well except its kind of funny.

“Over” – One of the few songs that sounds radio-worthy. Lohan is lucky that the songwriters didn’t sell this to Hilary Duff or Ashley Simpson.
“Rumors” – Has a good hook but the lyrics are an insult to our intelligence: “Why can’t you just let me do/The things I wanna do?” she demands. “Why can’t they back up off me/Why can’t they let me live/I’m gonna do it my way!” Yeah, I’m sure making millions of dollars is so bad.

“Speak” – Sounds like every other pop song out there.
“First” – BAD. Without her name this song would have never been made.
“Symptoms Of You” – Awful.

FRANKLY: If anyone has seen Lohan perform you know she is lip-syncing which is a testament to the wonders of the modern digital recording studio. Do you want to be a pop star? Well then get a movie contract. Do you really think you could compare Lohan’s singing ability to Clay Aiken for instance? Christina Aguilera? Anyone?
Lohan’s Speak honestly sounds like songs that were rejected by other top pop stars and left for the cast-offs. If you found this in a box of Cracker Jacks you’d ask for a refund.

+ Rae Gun

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