Lindsay Lohan – A Little More Personal (Raw)

Lindsay Lohan
Artist: Lindsay Lohan
Title: A Little More Personal (Raw)
Label: Casablanca
Rating: 5.5/10

FILE UNDER: Actress tries her hand at pop rock.

CORPORATE LINE: Get ready for some Lindsay with the bark on. Casablanca/Universal recording artist, multi-talented, triple threat Lindsay Lohan is proving to be as resilient as she is radiant these days, as cutting edge as she is endearing, delivering her sophomore album, the aptly titled A Little More Personal (Raw) from the vantage point of an emotionally charged artist. A provocative follow-up to Lindsay’s platinum-plus 2004 debut effort, Speak, The album’s scorching first single and video (with Lindsay making her directorial debut), “Confessions Of A Broken Heart (Daughter To Father),” has already hit the #1 spot on TRL in spite of its brutally honest autobiographical perspective. Co-written by the disc’s executive producer Kara DioGuardi, who has worked with Ashlee Simpson, Whitney Houston, and Kelly Clarkson, (as well as collaborating with Lindsay on her first album), among others, the song courageously explores Lindsay’s volatile relationship with her troubled father, who is currently serving time for multiple imprudent legal violations.

Absolutely nothing.

“Confessions of a Broken Heart” – At this point Lohan’s troubled dad and her long time in the limelight doesn’t make for an interesting song. It’s absolutely impossible to buy what Lohan is sell her angst when she’s pulling down millions a year. There is no sympathy from the peanut gallery.
“Edge of Seventeen” – Lohan tries hard to be Stevie Nicks. “Edge of Seventeen” is the only song on the record that isn’t forgettable. Lohan has no vocal power and is aided by a great song.
“Blackhole” – Instead of trying to be Hilary Duff, Lohan has hung her hopes on trying to be an angst ridden teen singer. She would have been better trying to convincing us she was a country singer.
“I Want You To Want Me” – The Cheap Trick cover-song proves Lohan’s lack of vocal prowess. The verse lacks any vocal power and the chorus is a wall of sound which is perfect for masking her deficiency.
“My Innocence” – “I was born a fighter/ I was born on a rainy day” – Boowho. There isn’t one person out there that wouldn’t swap their life with Miss Lohan.

“Who Loves You” – The drowning chorus grates your nerves.

FRANKLY: Most of the songs on A Little More Personal (Raw) are unremarkable. Songs like “Fastlane,” “If It’s Alright,” and “If You Were Me” could have been left behind and the album would have been all the better for it.

+ Rae Gun

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