LFO – Interview [2001]


Life has changed a lot since we last talked to LFO, a new member, star status and a hit song. So much has changed, or has it? Find out!

How’s the touring going so far?

Brad: So far, so good. It’s mostly radio shows and big festivals with lots of different acts but we will be doing some shows with Britney Spears as well.

That’s a pretty good opportunity.

Brad: Yes. Getting in front of a lot of people is always fun. It’s a very positive thing for us.

This second album, Life Is Good, is quite a bit different from your first album. How do you think the fans are reacting to that?

Brad: The overall reaction has been positive. I think people believe that we took a step in the right direction. It’s kind of like a bridge from our first album to our third album.

It seems you had a lot more control on this album. Is this accurate?

Brad: Yes. I mean, we financed it, so we had a lot of control over the music. We wrote mostly everything and we’ll see what happens with the next album.

I read after the single “Summer Girls” blew up that the album was rushed so that you could capitalize on its success. Do you feel that the first album reflected how you wanted to come across?

Brad: The first album we really didn’t have a lot of control. We had to rely on a lot of outside writers. They wrote good songs but that really didn’t fit us. We recorded the album in like a month and Devin did a lot of singing on that album.

Devin: It was hard. But it was the way that it had to be. I don’t regret it, but it definitely wasn’t how I thought it should have been. And maybe myself or any of us weren’t ready to control the whole situation, but I definitely had a vision for my music and for certain music. And it wasn’t it. But for what it was, it was supposed to be that. From now on we’re grownups and we’re men and we make decisions and we will see what happens.

What comes to mind when I say Lou Pearlman?

Devin: Lou Pearlman. He lives in Florida.

Brad: Nothing really comes to mind.

Devin: I sleep at night. I don’t think about him

Brad: I don’t have any animosity. We had problems or whatever. The fact is if it wasn’t for Lou I wouldn’t be here, but at the same time there was a lot of problems. Honestly, it’s pretty neutral. The good and the bad are kind of like together. Regardless, I am thankful that I am here and we settled everything out with Lou so it’s all good.

Is the whole music business everything that you thought it would be? What would you change?

Brad: More music, less business.

Agree Devin?

Devin: Yes. How can I explain it? I want more music. But dealing with everything in this business side, I kind of have an attitude like F it. No matter if we always sell albums or not, I can always do cover bands or do the little shit bars down the street and sing, sing, sing, and pay my rent, pay my electricity. That’s all that matters. I just realized that recently. I am not going to lie and say I don’t care about money, but obviously we are lucky to be in a situation where we can make a lot of money and never work again and have a family and really buckle down and watch our kids grow up. But I don’t worry about it anymore.

What are some of the future plans for LFO?

Brad: I would like to get into acting but I want to take the time to mold that side of my career. Devin and I both write and produce on albums and I have a studio at my house and we put songs together for other artists at my house.

What are some of your goals besides LFO?

Brad: Happiness. But I don’t know what that entails. Some days I think I would be happier in the mountains and other days I think I would be happier living in the city. I have no idea what is going to happen. I mean, twenty years from now we could still be up here on stage together. You never know what is going to happen. I know I love making music and that I will always be involved in making music.

Devin: Just be happy, record, and do songs. See where the road takes me.

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