Lifer – Lifer

Artist: Lifer
Title: Lifer
Label: Universal
Rating: 5/10

Can Lifer come out of their own fifteen seconds of fame? They entered Mtv’s Ultimate Cover Band Contest and soon found themselves winning the grand prize with a cover of Limp Bizkit’s “Nookie.” Now they have to step away from that cover and give us thirteen original tracks. Can Lifer live up to it?

“Ugly” is brooding and definitely sounds original. The same can’t be said for the Faith No More and Limp Bizkit rip “Boring”. Worst yet, I’m sure this song will get on the radio and probably enjoy some success.

“Swallow” is more than I can digest. Rush seems to be an influence on more than a few tracks, so it’s no surprise that Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson was overseeing production. Just take a second with “No Need”, “New”, and “Breathless”. Is this even the same guy singing? What’s going on here?

It’s not my intention to compare Lifer to every group on the map, but they’ve set themselves up for it and they wear their influences openly. “Parade” goes from Stone Temple Pilots to Limp Bizkit. It’s undeniable and unoriginal.

+ rae gun

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