Led Zeppelin – Latter Days

Led Zeppelin
Artist: Led Zeppelin
Title: Latter Days
Label: Atlantic
Rating: 10/10

I don’t know that we need more Led Zeppelin albums, but as long as they’re putting them out, I’m happy to take a listen. Even if I already know each and every track like the back of my hand.

I just want to ask the world, how does “The Song Remains The Same” still sound so fresh? It could stand on its own even on today’s modern rock radio. Zep lifted three tracks just as they stand on Physical Graffiti: “Houses Of The Holy”, “Trampled Underfoot”, and “Kashmir”. This album also contains an enhanced live performance of “Kashmir” playable on your computer.

Perhaps we don’t need another greatest hits album, but as long as there is music, there will be Led Zeppelin. And if you can’t afford every album or the box set, you’re out of your mind if you miss this.

+ rae gun

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