Geddy Lee – My Favorite Headache

Geddy Lee
Artist: Geddy Lee
Title: My Favorite Headache
Label: Atlantic
Rating: 7/10

No, Rush didn’t breakup. Geddy Lee has just found a little time on his hands. And no, this doesn’t really sound like a Rush album. Lee took a new path and wrote all the songs, co-wrote the music, and invited a new cast with members like Ben Mink (FM) and Matt Cameron (Pearl Jam).

The first thing I noticed was the melodies: no over-orchestration. Lee gets right to the meat. Just have a listen to “My Favorite Headache” and “The Present Tense”. Also you’ll notice his voice takes on a livelier tone. “Window To The World” absorbs the music and spits out a lightly sugared melody throughout. “Runaway Train” is pitch perfect.

Some of the lyrics are lame, but not enough for a migraine. I also can’t figure out why Lee is very much into taking his vocals so far back in the mix. It often sounds like he’s singing in a tunnel. I say let it all hang out, but what do I know? I mean, this guy has like twenty-two records with Rush already. He’s a legend so I guess he knows what’s best. Maybe it’s as he sings in “Home On The Strange”: “he don’t like change.”

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