Brie Larson – Finally Out of P.E.

Brie Larson
Artist: Brie Larson
Title: Finally Out of P.E.
Label: Casablanca
Rating: 6/10

FILE UNDER: Not Another Actress Turned Singer.

CORPORATE LINE: Brie Larson’s infectious debut “Finally Out of PE” is based on her personal experiences and her prolific lyrics are written well beyond her 15 years. Whether it’s the break up power ballad, as documented in the song “Go”, or the self doubtful, “Ugly”, a lyrically haunting song about depression and insecurities; there is a story for everyone. Brie also shows a feisty, whimsical side in “She Shall Remain Nameless” – a power pop anthem about a competitive girl, “Loser in Me” a homage to the slacker in everyone, as well as the title track, “Finally Out of PE” the anthem to all of those who despised gym class.

“Life After You” – Anyone that loved Hilary Duff will find some common ground here.
“Done With Like” – Preparing for the worse as the album goes along and this little gem jumps out.
“Ugly” – Brie proves she can sing. This song has some meat and you know this will touch girls who struggle with their self-image.

“Whatever” – Yummy pop candy.
“She Said” – Good—not great. The hook is a lot of fun and certainly teen girls will eat it up.
“Falling Into History” – As a whole this is a nice song. The chorus as she sings “Falling Into History” comes off awkwardly.
“Finally Out Of P.E.” – Lacks lyrics but makes up for it with a catchy hook.

“Shoebox” – The song has a nice beat; the problem is lyrically this does nothing.

FRANKLY: Brie Larson has a nice voice. Hopefully it’s not altered in the studio like one Lindsay Lohan. Larson has a voice that can make listeners forget that she is an actress. If she had more songs like “Life After You” Larson would never be mentioned alongside the likes of Lindsay Lohan or Hilary Duff.

+ Rae Gun

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