Kurupt – Interview


Kurupt goes Half Past Dead!

How is Hollywood treating you?

It’s good.

Whole new world?

Totally different world. It’s a slower pace, but a lot different when it comes to respect. They are very respectful.

You’re jumping in headfirst.

They gave me the opportunities so I’m gonna make the most of it.

You have another film besides Half Past Dead coming out this winter right?

Yeah, Dark Blue. That’s with Kurt Russell.

When did you film these movies?

I did Dark Blue last January and February and then Half Past Dead came right afterwards. I got the role of Twitch. I did them back-to-back; the weird thing is that Half Past Dead is coming out first?

When you were reading the script did you know you’d be Twitch or did you read for another character?

I really read for Nick the main character, but through reading the script I just gradually gripped onto Twitch from the door. He is more like a character I wanted to play. Also I thought they could get someone bigger for that lead role and that is when they brought up Ja Rule to me. I knew Ja would be perfect. I had already snatched Twitch by then. I told them as soon as I walked in I wanted to play Twitch. I walked in and said ‘What’s the word? My name is Twitch. I like dirt bikes, wave runners…’ (We both laugh)

What is it about a film that catches your eye?

When I do these films I don’t want to do the hood films. I want to go to a different genre than I do with my music. I want to go to space, I want action, I want to jump out of planes, I want guns, and explosions. The Kurt Russell one was cool, but Half Past Dead is more action. We had to go to Berlin. It was a big thing.

How much time did you spend in Berlin?

About three or four months.

Wow, was it tough? What did you do when you weren’t filming?

I was scarfing down some vintage beer and kicking it amongst the Germans.

Why do you think hip-hop artists are moving to film so much more than any other genre?

It goes hand it hand. Videos ain’t nothing but mini-movies. Look at a lot of these videos we have to act. We have a girlfriend, gotta sing or rap to them, and if they ain’t doing music they have to act.

Were you nervous the first time you were on the set or were you ready to go?

I was ready to go. These are the opportunities that I’ve worked for. There was no time to think, only to react and act. I didn’t think much about it, I just went spur of the moment.

Did it take time to get used to the slower pace?

Not at all, actually at this point in my life I’m looking for a slower environment. The rap game is so fast paced and I was at the point where I wanted to sit back and enjoy what I’m working at.

Did you ask Steven Seagal to show you some moves?

Me and Uncle Steve spent the majority of our time together sitting around and he was on the guitar. He was playing some blues. I would sit back and drink my beers and he’d sit back and drink his water and play the guitar.

Was he trying to drop some tracks on you?

(We both laugh) He’s got some heaters. He was like ‘you know I’m not new to this, let me show you a few things’. (We continue to laugh)

What was it like being away from home for so long?

It was a breath of fresh air. I need a vacation.

The working vacation.

Yeah, it was great. The movie game is such a calm game that I can chill and relax. It was just like sitting at the house. Then I get called to act and bang it out and then I get another hour or two of relax time again.

What have you been doing since you finished that film?

I’m working on another film now called Two Cops. It has Harrison Ford in it.

In the big leagues now.

That’s right. You can’t be the best unless you hangout with the best.

What’s up with the music?

Well I’m behind the desk now. I’m the senior vice president of Death Row now. Next place for me to go is space. I got to go to space. I’m doing a movie now with Hans Solo so you know I wanna go to space.

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