Jordan Knight – Jordan Knight

Jordan Knight
Artist: Jordan Knight
Title: Jordan Knight
Label: Interscope
Rating: 7/10

Jordan Knight doesn’t need to make excuses about anything to you or to me. His resume is already quite impressive since back in the day he fronted one of the biggest bands of all time, the New Kids On The Block. Since then, his voice may have changed an octave or two. He’s certainly matured, and it shows. Knight has stepped out of his New Kids shackles and has taken a hell of a big step toward a solid solo career.

“Give It To You” opens the disc on a high note. The next song, “A Different Party”, is just as good. It’s no coincidence that both songs were produced by those genius knob turners, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. “A Different Party” has some rock riffs, well, soft rock. Still, it adds some needed and missed dimension to Knight’s bubblegum repertoire.

Knight puts on the brakes with the slow jam “Change My Ways” only to shake it up a little during the chorus. So far I’m actually impressed. “Finally Finding Out” is sort of a clich pop song, but what isn’t anymore? It is increasingly hard to invent when all of the angles have been taken away. There is no fall off on this album, no substantial dip in quality. Each song is a gem all its own. However, the album does find you dozing a bit from tracks six to eight with too many slow tunes. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis come to the rescue on track nine, “Close My Eyes”. And those who love the original version of “Give It To You” will love the remix that wraps up a pretty good album.

Although the producing team of Jam and Lewis drop the best tracks on the album, Knight’s work with other producers doesn’t leaving you swimming in the shallow end, but don’t think you’ll get bogged down in a lot of deep thought; it’s more like deep emotion. This is the album you want to come home to when your heart is feeling heavy.

+ rae gun

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