Korn – Take A Look In The Mirror

Artist: Korn
Title: Take A Look In The Mirror
Label: Epic
Rating: 4/10

Corporate Line: Get ready…the new entirely self-produced KoRn record, Take a Look in the Mirror, is in stores now! The new CD contains 13 new KoRn tracks including the first single “Right Now” and “Did My Time.” It comes with an expanded CD booklet with archival photos and liner notes from the band.

Our Line: It’s been six albums up until this point. They went from unknown to playing arenas and fans calling them sellouts. Now Korn can’t sellout arenas nor push a million copies. Now we can judge them based upon talent alone.

The Good:
“Deep Inside” – The one and only song that you could listen to more than once.

The Average:
“Break Some Off” and “Alive” – They won’t invoke Korn from years long passed. Korn has lost its rhythm but at least they get these two off.

The Ugly:
“When Will This End” – Hear the guitar riff? Well they’ve used it before – so much for creativity.
“Ya’ll Want A Single” – We don’t really care about a single, but is a good song too much to ask for?

Frankly: Take A Look In The Mirror is a huge step back. The problem is the record has nothing new to add. It’s not exceedingly interesting or creative. Singer Jonathan Davis sings in his annoying and as irritating new way. He screams so much that you wonder if it is singing or desperate cries of pain.

This is Korn doing Korn. Same guitars, same bass, same-old story only ten years later. Can you hear me yawning? I will say it’s a lot more interesting to listen to than Davis’ singing. So long new metal – your king is dead.

+ Rae Gun

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