Kid Rock – Kid Rock

Kid Rock
Artist: Kid Rock
Title: Kid Rock
Label: Atlantic
Rating: 6.5/10

Corporate Line: THE man known around the world as Kid Rock has always defied easy labeling, and now, with the eagerly awaited follow-up to his 2001 smash, “COCKY,” Detroit’s Favorite Son has taken his genre-blurring musical mash to an all-new plane with his self-titled new album.

“KID ROCK” is Rock’s most emotionally naked collection to date, with songs like “Cold and Empty” and the album-opening “Rock n’ Roll Pain Train” finding him looking at his life thus far and acknowledging that even an American Bad Ass needs to stop and smell the roses: “On that rock n’ roll pain train/After the lights go down/I live out in the woods now/It helps me keep my feet on the ground/Life’s been good to me so far/Hope it’s been kind to you/Stand strong in the storms of life/The sun will always shine on you.”
The Good:
“Rock ‘N’ Roll Pain Train” – The boy from Detroit brings us some tasty southern cooking.
“I Am” – You can’t deny when he’s right.
“Single Father” – Something parents and maybe their kids can understand.

The Average:
“Cold And Empty” – Rock loves his ballads.
“Feel Like Makin’ Love” – Not as shining a song as its original incarnation.
“Cadillac Pussy” – A duet with Hank Williams Jr. should be better than this.
“Jackson Mississippi” – Good until the chorus hits us and Bob decides to scorch us with a bad metal scream of a nonsensical chorus.
“Hillbilly Stomp” – Part Kid Rock part

The Ugly:
“Rock ‘N’ Roll” – This isn’t rock – it’s bad.
“Hard Night For Sarah” – Yuck.

Frankly: Kid Rock has hung up the hip-hop braggart and given into this true southern-self. Much of the album may come as a surprise to many of his fans who are used to the more outlandish style. But for those who love his sentimental side they’ll find this album to be their cup of tea.

+ Rae Gun

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