Montell Jordan – Montell Jordan

Montell Jordan
Artist: Montell Jordan
Title: Montell Jordan
Label: Def Soul
Rating: 5/10

Montell Jordan opens with a montage called “MJ V Intro” a pledge to God with a few drops of rhyme that fall far below.

On “MJ’s Anthem” Montell gives himself props about doing it for seven years and giving the world five albums. He tells everyone that the “music industry has gotten out of control” and that he is going to “even the score”. I just wonder what the score is right now. “Tasty” is almost up to speed however it suffers from a monotonous dragging along.

There are many ballads to choose from, unfortunately they all sound too similar. The cream of a seemingly limitless crop is “You’re The Right One” and “You Must Have Been”. “Top Or Bottom” isn’t suffering too badly. It’s charming but not great.

Montell Jordan has five albums behind him yet this one suffers from being to personal and too slow. You’d expect Montell’s life to be a bit more exciting, a bit more live.

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