Juvenile – Interview [2004]


Juvenile might have stepped away for a minute he’s back. Sorry to all those MC’s who thought they had their chance on top.


What’s up pimp?

Can’t complain. How’s life?

Everything is beautiful.

When did you start the record?

It’s been put together slowly but surely. I’ve been gone for three years and have been doing it here and there since then.

Why was it so long?

There was some business that had to be straight.

How do you put the tracks together?

It’s always different for me. It depends how I’m feeling that day. One day it might be the beat first, it might be the rap then the beat. But the next day I might feel different.

Do you ever listen to a track the next day and you’re not feeling it?

I do that a lot. I might even change the whole song.

Do you ever have an idea and want to get a point across?

True, I own a studio so anytime an idea comes across my mind I just hurry up and put it down.

Do you record a lot of stuff because you own a studio also do you reject a lot of stuff?

I reject a lot of stuff – most of the time I just like the first time. Having a studio is an advantage but most of the time when I do come up with good stuff I’m on the road.

What do you do then?

I just write it down and hold it in my head.

Every forget something?

I forget a whole lot. I smoke weed so you know you forget a whole lot of shit. (We both laugh)

Every think man, I had a hit and it’s gone’?

Hell yeah, it’s happened to me a few times. When you lose shit like that and you mad the best thing to do is just write something else down.

Do you think hip-hop is getting watered down?

I don’t care really because I feel like I’m going to shine anyway. True talent always comes to the light. It’s really for an artist like me because I feel like when my music is heard it’s a chain reaction you’re gonna like it.

What is it like to have so many hip-hop artists point to you as the rapper they aspire to be?

It feels good. That makes me know that I did my part, but my work isn’t done yet. That flatters me.

A lot of people point to you.

I’m glad I paid my part.

Does it make you work even harder to stay on top?

Yeah, every artist in the game wants to be the hottest rapper. You don’t want to be second to nobody. I’m used to being number one, so I’m damn sure not down with being number two.

Is that what drives you?

Yeah, I mean it’s my work ethic. The street hustling was put into my rap. I want to get a lot out of this world. There isn’t anything that I can’t do in one day’s time.

What is the thing you love doing most?

I like the outcome. I like to see the reaction on people’s faces. I like to hear from the people. I like flattery.

It’s not a bad thing.

Hell no.

You must get tons of people trying to get you demos.

Everyday, all day. Especially because people know I have a company, but I channel through it. Sometimes some music is good, some is bad, sometimes I don’t hear it. If its hot I holler.

Do you want to sign more artists?

I want to make it to the point where I manufacture all my own music. I want to do everything right down to distribution.

Do you bring people in to criticize your tracks or are you your own worse critic?

I’m my own worse critic, but I still ask for opinions. That is why I play my albums to the city, they choose my singles. If my crew thinks I’m kicking wack they’ll let me know.

What would you say to a kid that wants to be in your place?

If you have an opportunity jump on it. It’s easy; I hooked up with the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Everybody doesn’t get that chance. It’s partially God’s will and the rest is right place right time.

What do you want?

I want everyone around me to be rich so I can lean on them sometime, I don’t want myself to just have everything, I want everyone around me to have everything. The Chinese do that, they keep all their business in their family. That’s what I want.

If you could own one sports team and what sport would it be in?

Basketball. The reason is it’s a longer season and you make more money. I’d want to own the arena too. I want to be controlling everything right down to ticket sales.

What team would you buy?

I’d buy the New Orleans Hornets. I feel like with Mashburn and Baron Davis and the ideas I have we’d win the championship.

Would you be like Jerry Jones and in control of everything?

I have a little Jerry Jones; I’m not going to lie. If I’m going to spend my money you can’t tell me what to do. Don’t tell me I can’t do something, especially if I’m spending my money. I’d be the Jerry Jones of the NBA. (We both laugh)

Would create plays or pick up players?

You know how I’d do it. (Everyone in the room laughs)

Would you be out there doing shoot a rounds?

You know I’d be shooting jumpers. I’d be doing the finger roll. That’s how I’d do it. (Everyone in the room laughs)

That’d be reason enough to buy a team in my opinion.

I’d be like that old dude in the Southwest commercial. (Everyone in the room laughs) That boy try tries to slam dunk the ball over the house.

+ Charlie Craine

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