Atari Teenage Riot – 60 Second Wipeout

Artist: Atari Teenage Riot
Title: 60 Second Wipeout
Label: Elektra
Rating: 7/10

Atari Teenage Riot just might be the angriest band in the world. Having been a fan since Burn, Berlin, Burn wrecked me a few years ago, I knew their latest release, 60 Second Wipeout, would prove to be a chance to see a much more mature ATR. And if you were a fan in the past, you’ll quickly realize that they haven’t lost their touch. Their pounding punk/jungle mix is enough to make even the angriest bands turn yellow.

Alec Empire, ATR’s general, takes anger and makes it hooky enough for those of us who get confused by anything that lacks cohesion. “By Any Means Necessary” is a perfect example of their anthem-atic preaching. The coarse sound and blood-curdling screams will have you looting in no time.

“Western Decay” is slower and more toned down, but still grinds you to rubble. “Atari Teenage Riot II” picks up where part I left off. Within minutes you’ll be screaming the bands anthem, “Atari Teenage Riot”, loud enough to put fear in the hearts of your neighbors. You’ll be lucky if your parents don’t check you into therapy. ATR has everything Rage Against The Machine has, and more: politics, anger, and anthems, but their use of four vocalists adds an unrivaled army of destruction. You’ve never heard anything like this.

“Too Dead For Me” will bring back the late ’70’s, early ’80’s ferocious punk of the Sex Pistols, Black Flag, and The Exploited. “Death Of A President D. I. Y.!” starts of with a playful sounding chant of “Pussy cat/ pussy cat,” which is as eerie as it is awkward. “Your Uniform (Does Not Impress Me)” is jungle that tears at the juggler.

Atari Teenage Riot are revolutionists who owe as much to the Sex Pistols as they do to the Beatles, but they are a breed of animal many have never encountered. This is as refreshing as it is scary. If you haven’t heard them yet, what are you waiting for? The revolution will not be televised.

+ rae gun

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