Jimmy Eat World – Futures

Jimmy Eat World
Artist: Jimmy Eat World
Title: Futures
Label: Geffen
Rating: 7.5/10

CORPORATE LINE: The band’s new CD, Futures, is the answer to that question. It’s a sprawling, gorgeous, heavy-yet-quiet epic. And it took a long time to finish. “We’ve always felt you’re putting your name on something, you have to make sure it’s the absolute best work possible,” says Jimmy Eat World’s Jim Adkins, “This time it took a while to achieve what we wanted. We had to get our heads into the zone where we were ready to kill ourselves to finish this and did.”

“Night Drive” – It is slow and gorgeous. Anyone that remembers R.E.M.’s “Night Swimming” will absolutely love “Night Drive.”
“Futures” – Brilliant and perhaps our chance to really see how bright the future(s) is for Jimmy Eat World: “I always believed in futures/I hope for better/In November.”
“23” – If you have the time—listen to this 5 or 6 times and discover why it touches you so much. It’s the sort of song that will touch each of us in different ways.

“NothingWrong” – As close to an anthem as Jimmy Eat World get.
“Just Tonight” – There is something that sticks with you… and yet it’s not possible to put a finger on what it is exactly. The same goes for “Work.” They stick in your head however neither song that you absolutely must tell all your friends about.
“The World You Love” – Another song that is so close to being great but is missing some element. “Pain” is exactly the same. Each song seems to have that similar thread—something good and then for some reason they never plateau to greatness.
“Drugs or Me” – If you listen to this and a song like the Verve’s “Drugs Don’t Work” you’ll understand the difference between nearly good and great.

THE BAD: Nothing.

FRANKLY: Jimmy Eat World is consistently good. Although “Futures” doesn’t get off the ground running that doesn’t mean you’ll be disappointed. “Futures” is a record that grows on you. If you are looking for an album that you’ll still be listening to in a year then “Futures” is the album.

+ Rae Gun

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