Ivy – In The Clear

Artist: Ivy
Title: In The Clear
Label: Nettwerk
Rating: 6.5/10

CORPORATE LINE: The 10 songs on In The Clear vary in tempo and mood, and yet the record has a sense of continuity that is never lost. Many lyrics suggest internal narratives more than straightforward storytelling; themes of secrecy, isolation and escape resurface throughout the album. Ivy brought in legendary UK producer/mixer Steve Osborne (New Order, Happy Mondays, Starsailor, Elbow) for his first-ever New York sessions to mix much of the record. It was Osborne’s ability to make records sound both aggressive and spacious that attracted the group to his work. In The Clear also features guest appearances by friends like guitarists James Iha (A Perfect Circle, Smashing Pumpkins) and Jody Porter (Fountains Of Wayne), Brazilian string arranger Zé Luis (Bebel Gilberto, Caetano Veloso), and former Girls Against Boys frontman Scott McLoud, who duets with Durand on the closing track, “Feel So Free.”

“Nothing But The Sky” – The angelic tapestry might be the song of sirens. Whether it helps you fall asleep or lift the spirits at home it will stay with you.
“Feel So Free” – A perfect ending to an album that flows like a hypnotic stream.
“Clear My Head” – Intoxicating. It’s a very basic song that doesn’t sound so simple.

“Tess Don’t Tell” – “It’s just for you, it’s not for anybody else” creates a sense of intimacy too bad it doesn’t reach the same atmosphere as “Nothing But The Sky.”
“Thinking About You” – Pretty, not particularly inspiring.
“I’ve Got You Memorized” – Ivy offer some wonderful music however when a track leans towards a club-style it falls away from their strength.

THE BAD: Nothing.

FRANKLY: Ivy’s In The Clear is a record that is perfect for spas, doctors offices, or any place you want to relax—that doesn’t exclude listening at home. In The Clear can have one of two effects; put you to sleep or put you at perfect ease. Personally, and maybe it was because the sun was shining, it made for quite a mellow feeling of bliss.

+ Rae Gun

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