Joseph Arthur

Joseph Arthur

Born in Akron, Ohio and now living in New York City, Joseph Arthur is an artist that lives by making music…and what music he makes!

As if possessing a window into your soul, his lyrics propel you into reflection; his awkwardly confident approach sneaks into your psyche, and find yourself uncontrollably drawn towards his tales of humankind.

Peter Gabriel’s Real World label is best known as an outlet for treasured world music. But Akron, Ohio is as much a part of the world as Pakistan or Tibet or Africa and thus a fitting a home for Joseph Arthur as it is for label-mates Yungchen Lhamo, Papa Wemba and Afro Celt Sound System

Releasing his debut album Big City Secrets in 1997 and a 1999 EP entitled Vacancy (which earned a Grammy nomination for Best Recording Package), Joseph’s music continues to touch those who have crossed it’s path.

Having contributed a song for the soundtrack to the recent film The Bone Collector , he also wrote the music for the soundtrack to the film Hell’s Kitchen. Peter Gabriel recorded his song In The Sun for the Princess Diana Tribute album.

Joseph’s live performance stuns audiences into silence. Performing alone, with his samplers and others bags of tricks by his side, people watch his songs get created before them. He has taken his mesmerizing stage show on the road, opening for Ben Harper and Gomez throughout Europe and North America, as well as hosting residencies, like the now famous shows at Vancouver’s’ railway club last june (1999). In May, Joseph will host residencies in Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa

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