Hot Boys – Let ‘Em Burn

Hot Boys
Artist: Hot Boys
Title: Let ‘Em Burn
Label: Cash Money
Rating: 5/10

Corporate Line: Let ‘Em Burn, the group’s third album, follows on the heels of the highly successful recordings by each of the four members, including Turk’s Young and Thuggin’, Lil Wayne’s platinum Tha Block is Hot, Juvenile’s 4x platinum 400 Degreez, and BG’s platinum Chopper City in the Ghetto.

The Hot:
“Introduction” – The beat is hot and the lyrics are always burning. There is a chemistry here that is impossible to deny.
“Stick & Move” – It’s hard to deny the wicked flow and Mannie Fresh’s tight beats.

The Medium:
“Spin Tha Bend” – Tight verses. The boys know how to lay it.
“My Section” – Good until the hook comes and ruins it.

The Mild:
“Let ‘Em Burn” – When they miss, they really miss.
“Gangsta N***a” and “These Hoes” – Two of the worst tracks they’ve ever released.

Frankly: Half way through the record the Hot Boys lose steam. The second half is some of the worst material you’ll hear from Cash Money. The lyrics are weak and the hooks are weaker. There doesn’t seem to be a rhyme to the reason, all I can say is it’s bad.

+ cc morris

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