Artful Dodger – Re-Wind

Artful Dodger
Artist: Artful Dodger
Title: Re-Wind
Label: London
Rating: 6/10

Americans often miss out on some great music. Artful Dodger is a brit duo of Mark Hill and Pete Devereaux. The grooves Artful Dodger brings to the table are the sorts you’d hear any night of the week in a London club, the house thumping while your body moves to the sounds dancing about your ears.

“Woman Trouble” brings in Craig David and Robbie Craig to sing atop the funky beat. Artful Dodger isn’t afraid to mix the new with the old or the weak with the bold. They borrow from All Saints “I Know Where It’s At” as well as Sister Sledge’s “We Are Family”.

Artful Dodger may stray from the mundane, but they sure don’t keep you down. If there’s a party, Artful Dodger should be there.

+ rae gun

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