Imogen Heap – Speak For Yourself

Imogen Heap
Artist: Imogen Heap
Title: Speak For Yourself
Label: RCA
Rating: 8.5/10

FILE UNDER: Pop has a new Queen.

CORPORATE LINE: ‘Speak For Yourself’ is vulnerable, exposed and flooded with emotion. So what’s it all about? Heap pauses for thought…“It’s quite tricky writing lyrics for “love” songs when you are happy and content with your man,” she laughs. “The subject matter can get pretty repetitive, so sometimes I found myself running away with a naughty thought or stealing a friend’s situation and eventually the song would turn itself into something all by itself”. And yet Heap’s cinematic vignettes are remarkably vivid. Elusive little fantasies or based on real life? For example, epic closer, “The Moment I Said It” is a tumultuous scene of badly-broken news; stark electro-a cappella “Hide And Seek’ a hymn to disbelief, betrayal and grief awhile “Goodnight And Go”, which features Heap fan, Jeff Beck on guitars, is a wistful ode to forbidden love.

“Headlock” – A gorgeous chorus that isn’t heavy on lyrics which is forgivable as the delicious environment makes you feel as if you are dreaming.
“Goodnight and Go” – This song doesn’t start off with a bang but it certainly goes out with one.
“Hide And Seek” – Heap took a risk by putting the vocals behind a tremolo effect. Usually this would ruin the song—instead it’s uniquely stunning.
“Loose Ends” – Could be easily disregarded as ear candy but that is what makes Heap great. This is one of the best pop songs released in quite a long time.
“The Walk” – Gorgeous. Even if you don’t listen to the lyrics it’s impossible to ignore the beauty.

“Have You Got It In You?” – Interesting. Ethereal. Not great—certainly good and much better than most cheap pop that escapes into the universe.
“Clear The Area” – Beautiful.


FRANKLY: Why is the rest of the world missing out on Imogen Heap?

+ Rae Gun

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