Louise Goffin – Sometimes A Circle

Louise Goffin
Artist: Louise Goffin
Title: Sometimes A Circle
Label: Dreamworks
Rating: 8/10

Louise Goffin has one hell of a pedigree. Her mom is the world-renowned Carole King and her father, Gerry Goffin, co-wrote many of her hits. Sometimes A Circle comes out with a lot to live up to.

After a few listens Sometimes A Circle really wears into you. With her Rickie Lee Jones flavor, Goffin doesn’t sound like her mother at all, and believe me it’s not a bad thing. Goffin’s voice is cut like sand paper but worn worth. “Instant Photo” has the feeling of old velour as Goffin strides through jutting licks of a tinny guitar. There are more than a handful of tracks that are nothing if not thoroughly enjoyable “Just Bone And Breath” and “Clicking To The Next Slide”.

For every surefire song like “Sometimes A Circle”, a take on materialism, there is the deeply comforting “I Can’t Remember Why”, a true cut above. These heart-on-a-sleeve tracks will have you looking to toss an arm around Goffin and comfort her as with “What If I Were Talkin’ To Me”.

There is much more depth to this album. “Sleep With Me Instead” isn’t the typically lovers song. It’s seemingly complicated however the message comes down to being happy. The message stays its course with “Only Water”. “Light In Your Eyes” breeds more luster about seeing everything for what its worth.

Under all the pressure Goffin didn’t give in. She strove; she crafted and carved out what amount to great songs. Sometimes A Circle does more than just spin its wheels. The great thing about Sometimes A Circle is that there isn’t a ton to absorb yet there is much to enjoy.

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