Goldie –

Artist: Goldie
Label: Moonshine
Rating: 8/10

DJs are unknowns to the commercial world but the exception is drum and bass legend Goldie, the only DJ that has hit pop star status. You may recognize his famous gold teeth from successful films such as James Bond’s The World Is Enough and Guy Ritchie’s production, Snatch. Goldie has ridden the highs and lows of the drum and bass movement over the years. His darkcore track “Terminator” rescued drum and bass in the early 90’s from going under, and now it’s time for Goldie to return from the silver screen and reassure us that drum and bass is alive and kicking it. represents all that is good about the d-n-b movement with eighteen pure dance floor tunes.

Goldie obviously did his homework in preparation for this mix by rounding up a large collection of diverse drum and bass tracks from the genre’s best artists out of the UK. Various tunes from the Metalheadz crew are plastered all over this album. Since the mid-nineties, any tracks associated the Metalheadz have been instantly respected and embraced by the d-n-b community for their continuing drive to rewrite and push the genre far into the future. The opening quintessence of Future Cut’s “Obsession” is perfectly translated with music and words into what Goldie coins as “inner city blues music.” Working under the names Future Cut and Uncut, the tandem of Darren Lewis and Iyola Babalola have DJs around the global begging for their tracks. Their rolling beat sound leaves a heavy impression on the mix and accompanies the overall diverse sound and style of superbly with tracks “Ghetto Style” and “Midnight” destined for a dance floor near you. Other key Metalheadz contributors to the flow of the album include the highly touted talents of Marcus Intalex (“Universe” and “Lose Control”) and a man who is a legend in his own right, Doc Scott (“Drumz 95”).

Goldie instinctively knows how to lay down a drum and bass mix by using elements of street soul, jazzy drum, and dark bass to keep you well entertained for over an hour. Highlights of Goldie’s skills come in at track numbers eight and nine. The doom of Phoenix’s “Spirit” is magically mixed into the scary drum of Rufige Kru’s (better known as Goldie) “Kemistry VIP”. A few moments later, Goldie is doing it again by marrying the sounds of “Universe” and “Mystic Amen” by Mechanizm into one cohesive sound. This is Goldie at his finest.

Moonshine has a lot to boast about with their continued solid releases of drum and bass in the year 2001, so far from DJ Dara, Freaky Flow, and now Goldie. gets the solid gold seal of approval.


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