G. Love & Special Sauce – Philadelphonic

G. Love & Special Sauce
Artist: G. Love & Special Sauce
Title: Philadelphonic
Label: Sony
Rating: 6/10

G. Love & Special Sauce twists together some of the most curious songs you’ll ever hear. They combine all sorts of musical elements, like rap, rock, jazz, and more, to create one crazy musical concoction. If you were unfamiliar with G. Love, it’s time to acquaint yourself.

“Dreamin'” is a perfect example of what they combine so deftly. “Roaches” bops in and out quickly, full of silliness that you’ll enjoy. “Rodeo Clowns” showcases G. Love’s silky smooth voice. The acoustic guitar strums away all of your thoughts while G. Love lays down new visions where dreams used to hide. The song is blissful, as is “Numbers”, with its catchy chorus: “though the roof may leak in many place/ shining faces/ shining faces/ may she sleep in peace/ and wake up in my arms/ some day soon/ some day soon.” I could make many observations, create many scenes, but G. Love is something that you need to experience for yourself.

If you like ballads, then G. Love is certain to make you feel loved on “Relax”. I liken the track to the early ballads done by LL Cool J. “Do It For Free” isn’t lewd, but it is geared towards such convictions. “Kick Drum” is short but sweet, boasting one of the catchiest hooks on Philadelphonic. An old school sound with a gulp of that Special Sauce.

“Friday Night (Hundred Dollar Bill)” had to be inspired by Slick Rick. G. Love’s rap style is cast in that mold and it is damn good. Even Slick Rick would enjoy this display of admiration. The next track, “Rock & Roll (shouts out back to the rappers)”, finds G. Love giving shouts out to all his influences.

G. Love sends you packing with an acoustic folk track entitled “Gimme Some Lovin'”. It is positively the most beautiful track I’ve heard from him. The authenticity of Philadelphonic works to drive home how the man who feels still keeps it real.

+ rae gun

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