Gang Starr – The Ownerz

Gang Starr
Artist: Gang Starr
Title: The Ownerz
Label: Virgin
Rating: 6.5/10

Company Line: “The concept of The Ownerz involves how people are renting and leasing hip hop,” explains Guru. “At this point in the game there’s a lot of people exploiting it, and calling the shit they’re doing ‘hip hop’ even though their music is watered down. But we feel strongly about the love that we have for this music, and that we’re true owners of a purer form.”

The Good:
“Put Up Or Shut Up” – Guru doesn’t pretend to be one of the best lyricists in the business… he proves it. So put up or shut up goes out to other wack m.c.’s.
“Rite Where U Stand” – Jadakiss gets live with Guru. You just can’t believe Gang Starr has been putting out such hot tracks after a decade.
“Who Got Gunz” – M.O.P. steals the show from Fat Joe and Guru. Pow!
“In This Life…” – Snoop sounds at easy with the slower flow that Guru sets. Gang Starr puts Snoop into his element talking about the street and all it’s sides.

The Marginal:
“Capture” – Hits on all cylinders.
“Skills” – No doubt.

The Ugly:
“Deadly Habitz” – Words are deep it’s just too bad the hook is off point.
“Nice Girl, Wrong Place” – This is a bad track in a bad place. This pop/r&b hook will make you cringe.

Frankly: Gang Starr has more than style, they’ve got class. The legends never fail.

+ cc morris

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