Fuel – Something Like Human

Artist: Fuel
Title: Something Like Human
Label: Epic
Rating: 7/10

If you think Fuel is just another Matchbox Twenty knockoff, then you’re in for a surprise. Something Like Human is heavier than their freshman effort, Sunburn.

After cutting their chops on “Last Time”, they allow “Hemorrhage” to twinkle like a star lost in space. “Bad Day” is another ballad that just plain works. I’m not sure whether I enjoy them belting out these sorts or kicking my ass as they roar.

“Scar” breaks out restlessly, heavy on distortion and amphetamines, but not everything goes down as “Easy”. If Fuel continues to rock like this, we might have to rethink their strategy. They’ve stepped out of the light and gone heavy. “Down” is perfectly atypical.

Fuel stays interesting because they mix it up. Their diversity adds spice. You only need to flip to the last two tracks, “Innocent”, a lovely track of introspection, and “Slow”, not so dark, not so fast, just plenty of enjoyment, to understand their power. The flavors are there for all to enjoy.

+ rae gun

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