Flying Blind – Push

Flying Blind
Artist: Flying Blind
Title: Push
Label: Republic
Rating: 4/10

Flying Blind roared through my headphones and through my car speakers. I listened to it, and again, and again, and it didn’t grow on me, not even an inch. “Pony” seemed to have some sense of melody and wasn’t so bad, but I still can’t listen to it in depth and give a care about the message.

Mostly it’s the nameless, faceless sound of Flying Blind that keeps me from getting excited about them. “Chocolate Covered Secrets” is a serious attempt at a radio single, but it’s too vanilla. “Western September Sky” and “Paralyzed” are a little too cute.

For a rock band, Flying Blind really goes overboard with the light rock and ballads. The last tracks go from punk to funk to another ballad. For a band on a major label, Flying Blind sounds like a band you might find at any bar in any town.

+ rae gun

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