Fieldy’s Dreams – Rock ‘n’ Roll Gangster

Fieldy's Dreams
Artist: Fieldy’s Dreams
Title: Rock ‘n’ Roll Gangster
Label: Epic
Rating: 1/10

Fieldy, bassist for Korn, has decided to go hip-hop stylin’ on his solo release.

Fieldy pops up some worse than poor rhymes on more than one track. There are the weak rhymes: “got millions in the bank playin’ bass/ don’t hate cause you can’t relate/ I’m counting my money all the way to the bank” on “Baby Hugh Hef”. Even with Korn’s front man showing up on “Just For Now” can’t save this car wreck.

Even worse is “Munky Rage”. I’m sure Fieldy gets his ‘freak on it’ but guess what? I don’t care. Boasting about being rich, banging ‘ho’s’, and being the coolest guy in his house meant nothing to me. He may know how to drop beats for Korn, but he doesn’t know shit about rapping.

+ rae gun

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