Feeder – Comfort In Sound

Artist: Feeder
Title: Comfort In Sound
Label: Republic
Rating: 5.5/10

Company Line: There’s no getting around a simple fact. FEEDER has been recording well-received albums and ceaselessly touring the globe for over a decade. Countless hard-won experiences have led to the London-based group’s current success overseas. But one single event truly shaped FEEDER’s fourth album, Comfort In Sound.

The Good:
“Come Back Around” – The closest anyone has come to being the Foo Fighters and still sounding cool.
“Child In You” – Absolutely haunting.
“Forget About Tomorrow” – wonderful strings wrap the track into a lovely bow.

The Marginal:
“Just The Way I’m Feeling” – Feeder sounds like a band dejected and missing their soul.
“Helium” and “Godzilla” – Nasty feedback is used to make the track sound heavy instead it detracts and distracts.

The Bad:

Frankly: Feeder lost their drummer last year and it’s not the music that is missing an element, but their seems to be a bit of their soul lost.

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