Faithless – Outrospective

Artist: Faithless
Title: Outrospective
Label: Arista
Rating: 7/10

Faithless has received quite a bit of press in the last year thanks to member Rollo Armstrong’s sister, Dido, who’s sung on all Faithless albums including this one. Faithless has seemingly gone under the radar in the States, but not worldwide. Can Outrospective change that?

“Not Enuff Love” seems a taste too slow, but it shows their love for many forms of music, including jazz, blues, and house. The combination can be infectious as the first single, “We Come 1”, proves, but I don’t expect this song to hit in America since there is too much talking and not enough singing to salivate over. “Machines R Us” gives Faithless a chance to prove that they are more than tasty vocals and hooks.

“Crazy English Summer” and “Liontamer” are beautiful as Sister Bliss seduces you with her voice. And as sweet as Bliss is, Dido absolutely steals the show away on “One Step Too Far”. Faithless may not step out of the shadow of former member Dido, but they can surely hold their own in the many genres they cross into.

+ rae gun

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