Joy Enriquez – Joy Enriquez

Joy Enriquez
Artist: Joy Enriquez
Title: Joy Enriquez
Label: Arista
Rating: 6.5/10

Joy Enriquez seems to have luck on her side. Her career took off after appearing on Star Search and then a chance meeting with Babyface found her signed to LaFace Records. Now a few years later, Joy Enriquez releases her self-titled solo album to the world to see if that luck, or skill, can vault her to the top of the pops.

Enriquez has a seductive, even sweet, voice. “What Do You Want” is happy-go-lucky pop. And even when “Tell Me How You Feel” and “I Can’t Believe” don’t go for depth, they still sound delightful.

It’s obvious that Enriquez and the crew at Arista are going after the J.Lo crowd. “Shake Up The Party” makes that absolutely apparent, but there are a few differences between these two. One, Jlo is an international star, and two, Enriquez can actually sing, and sing well. “Uh Oh”, although almost cheesy, could be a Britney song.

Joy Enriquez brings an album that is filled to brim with above average songs. There are a few singles, some you may just like personally and those that might not be up your alley. The album isn’t a classic ala anything out by Madonna, Whitney, etc, but if Enriquez is marketed right, she could end up being as big as any pop star out there today.

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