Jake Andrews – Time To Burn

Artist: Jake Andrews
Title: Time To Burn
Label: WEA
Rating: 7.5/10

There’s a new gunslinger in town and his name is Jake Andrews. It’s hard to believe that an eighteen-year-old kid can write and play such exhilarating blues music. Jake learned his trade from his father, John “Toad” Andrews, of Mother Earth. He was also influenced by such legends as Jimmie Vaughn and Albert Collins. Time To Burn captures every root that is blues music.

Jake’s first single, “Time To Burn”, will probably be on the radio soon. This song could be easily ranked on the all-time blues chart with the likes of the great Stevie Ray Vaughn. Seriously. Jake has what it takes to be a legendary blues guitarist with his amazing tone and passionate playing style, and he pours it into Time To Burn. Upon hearing the first single, I was a little disappointed by the shortness of the track. The band has extraordinary timing and rhythm throughout the entire song with a flashy solo, but the success of the song is cut a little short by ending the solo too abruptly. I shouldn’t bitch; I dig the tune!

You probably will not believe that this kid is so young when you hear the maturity in his bluesy voice. Jake’s Texan twang and soulful vocals on “Cry Baby”, “The Hard Way”, and “Lover To Cry” suggest that strumming his guitar is secondary to his singing. And yes, the guitar craftsmanship is solid on these tracks as well. Listening to the opening bars of “Cry Baby”, I asked myself how blues singers have the ability to describe old lovers so well. “Cry baby/ Girl you just don’t want go out on me/ Cry baby, Cry baby.”

I’m a big sucker for any blues song that has an organ or piano player who can dominate and make the guitar solo seem godlike. Check out “Lover To Cry” and “Drivin’ Wheel” for an organ/piano/guitar blues jam, Jake Andrews’ style. Those who are itching for more Stevie Ray Vaughn can do the next best thing and give Jake Andrews a try. You may find a future blues legend.

+larry sarzyniak

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