Eels – SoulJacker

Artist: Eels
Title: Souljacker
Label: Dreamworks
Rating: 5/10

The Eels have been one of those unlikely likeable one-man groups. Their previous albums have been interesting to say the least and definitely against the grain.

Soul Jacker takes all that and mixes it up and tosses it all to the side for something completely different. “Dog Faced Boy” sounds like a Stone Temple Pilots left over. It’s terribly shallow and plain stupid.

Closer to good is “That’s Not Really Funny”, however I will say its still not anywhere near as dynamic a song as we have come to expect from the enigmatic Eels. Some ground is made up on “Fresh Feeling” as it showcases the typified airy sound.

You had to know there’d be a lot of quirk tracks. Well “Friendly Ghost” and “Teenage Witch” take that title well.

The problem with Soul Jacker is that there is a lot of average and bad, just listen to “Bus Stop Boxer” for a taste of bad meat.

+ rae gun






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