Eels – Daisies of the Galaxy

Artist: Eels
Title: Daisies of the Galaxy
Label: Dreamworks
Rating: 8.5/10

E, better known as Eels, is the mastermind of the Eels. He’s a throwback, yet at the same time he’s ahead of the curve. Eels owes as much to Dylan as to the Flaming Lips and Beck. Just listen to “Grace Kelly Blues”

and you’ll see what I mean.

You get the full force of Eels’ querkiness, along with some serious folk and a little country twang. If you think this has all been done before, you’ll be surprised at how fresh it is.

“Packing Blankets” is hiding in the fog but maintains its clarity. “Flyswatter” could easily be mistaken for a Beck release, as could “The Sound Of Fear”. Who says Beck has the offbeat-folk field monopolized? Eels is definitely challenging the current king. These funky tracks are more toned down than the latest Beck release, but much more accessible and honest.

“I Like Birds” is really eclectic but zany. One of my favorite tracks is the blunt ballad “It’s A Motherfucker”. I dig the honesty. “Jeanne’s Diary” tells a story that all of us can relate to.

E goes out with a bang on the last three tracks. “Wooden Nickels” and “Something Is Sacred” are lush and inescapable. “Selective Memory” is just E and a piano. His high-pitched refrain does get a bit annoying, but the strings open up the curtains to another stage of enjoyment.

The latest release by Eels is wonderful and pure. Daises Of The Galaxy is a songbook full of perfect musical lullabies.

+ rae gun

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