Doggy’s Angels – Pleezbaleevit!

Doggy's Angels
Artist: Doggy’s Angels
Title: Pleezbaleevit!
Label: TVT
Rating: 6/10

Snoop Dogg started up his own label, Doggystyle, and needed acts. First was Tha Eastsidaz. Now comes Doggy’s Angels made up of Coniyac and Kola, originally of a South Central rap group, plus the addition of Chan, who Snoop already planned on signing.

“Baby If You’re Ready” is the first single from a hot record that merges R&B and hip- hop. The lines are blurred as Snoop himself shows up all over the joint with other guests like Layzie Bone, Nate Dogg, and more. With a rap background, these angels aren’t as clean and pristine as the name may imply. They know how to get dirty and gritty, throwing it raw.

There’s a lot of gangster pride and bravado here. Tracks like “Gangsta In Me”, “Cold Crush Gangsta”, “Angels Make The World Go Round”, and plenty more press the street so tight you’ll be pulling pavement out of your palms.

If you like your R&B hot in every sense, then Doggy’s Angels will definitely light your fire. I couldn’t help but get annoyed however by the guests on every track. These girls have enough talent to take the mic under control on their own.

+ cc morris

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