Diffuser – Injury Loves Melody

Artist: Diffuser
Title: Injury Loves Melody
Label: Hollywood
Rating: 6.5/10

Diffuser once went by the moniker Flu Thirteen. The NYC group has just released their first major label album, Injury Loves Melody. With one listen you can hear just how flavorful Diffuser is.

“Karma” is a hyper-melodic pill. It showcases all the things best about Diffuser. A song like “I Am”, which discusses life’s possible and its impossible becoming possible, stands to be tasty, but not as uppity as “Karma”.

“Wide Eyes (Photograph So Well)” swells up into a pretty nice song. It’s not that it isn’t good the first time you hear it, but it connects more with each listen. “Leaving With A California” mixes melody with heavy licks that spill over the vocals. Leaving mostly noise, they change that harder edge on the following track, “The Way That I Feel”. “35” has a distinct Foo Fighters drum trip, but it’s not up to that level just yet.

Diffuser stockpiles good tunes towards the front of Injury Loves Melody. With tracks like “Karma”, “Tell Her This”, and “Wide Eyes”, they might have a few singles, but as a piece of work the album is lacking a bit.

+ rae gun

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