Beatles Please Please Me“Misery” and “Anna (Go To Him)” is completely forgettable. You can see early days and signs where The Beatles are going but nothing here would indicate they’d be massive stars aside from “I Saw Her Standing There.” If anything, songs like “Chains” make John Lennon sound like a Buddy Holly knock-off.

Ringo’s version of “Boys” is one of the highlights.

As you get towards the end the hits come big with “Please Please Me” and “Love Me Do.” From a modern era view, it’s interesting how late in the album these songs come. I guess in the era of turning a record over it makes sense that you flip the album and don’t get a bunch of clunkers. but “Please Please Me” is the last song on side one with “Love Me Do” as the first song of side two.

Another Beatles original “Do You Want To Know A Secret” is a wonderful classic.

All the cover songs, “Baby It’s You,” “Chains” and “Anna” are all weak at best but the Beatles were not full-on songwriters so it makes sense. It is surprising that songs by world-class songwriters weren’t as good as the Beatles originals.

And in the end, John Lennon does rock the hell out of “Twist and Shout” which shows how their years at The Cavern Club honed his craft.

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