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Alexandra Amor
Alexandra Amor
Alexandra Amor has some advice for starry-eyed teens: Do your homework.

That’s how her path to superstardom started, when the seemingly typical Florida teen took a unique, bold approach to her assignment in Communications class in early 2010. Instructed to give a 2-minute self introduction that would captivate the audience, Alexandra put an unexpected twist on her speech… by singing it!

Alexandra was no stranger to the spotlight, after all. The ability to captivate an audience was in her DNA. Her mother was the lead singer of a local rock band, and it was clear from an early age she was destined to follow suit. Alexandra’s teen years were filled with singing competitions and acting roles in local theater productions, but she really honed her craft in front of a worldwide audience of millions on the internet, where she developed a large and devoted digital fan base that would follow her all the way to the top.

Sure enough, Alexandra’s lyrical take on her homework assignment captivated the whole class, which happened to include artist manager Josh Mendez from Rich Music Ltd. “I immediately got the chills. I don’t even remember the rest of her speech,” Josh recalls. “As soon as I heard her sing, I knew we had to sign her.” After class, he introduced himself to Alexandra and immediately brought her to the attention of the label. Within weeks, she was signed to Jimmy J Management / Rich Music Ltd, a team of seasoned music professionals committed to taking the extraordinarily talented and charming singer to the next level.

Alexandra immediately entered the recording studio to record her debut album. Together with top notch producers The Agency (Ciara, Jordin Sparks, Cody Simpson), Naz Tokio (McFly) and Da Internz (Jesse McCartney, Sean Kingston), Alexandra’s first ever recording sessions churned out a number of radio-ready tracks, including the stellar first single “Superstar” – a peppy, polished pop anthem full of high energy vitality and sassy sing-along lyrics.

“‘Superstar’ is, in a sense, every aspiring artist/actor/singing-in-a-hairbrush performer’s dream! Becoming a superstar, living it up, buying whatever, wherever, WHENEVER,” Alexandra says. The single was released online in April 2010, where Alexandra’s uber-viral fanbase immediately propelled it to digital hit status, singing into their own webcams and filling Youtube with countless fan-generated “Superstar” videos.

Despite the living large theme of “Superstar,” Alexandra is remarkably gracious and unaffected. A pop fan herself, she cites influences across the spectrum including Christina Aguilera, Carrie Underwood, Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Katie Perry. “I’m a down to earth girl with big dreams and a positive outlook on life. It’s all been surreal and an absolute blessing. I’m still in shock… all because I did my homework.”





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  1. Mania Avatar

    thats crazy.. you never know who’s listening! so glad for us #miAmors that someone was!! #goteamamor!

  2. Allison Avatar

    Great Song, Great Bio, Great Singer.
    *** I LOVE SUPERSTAR ***

  3. Aaron Avatar

    This Superstar song is a good one!

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