Metal Gear Solid: Peach Walker out on PSP

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., today announced the launch of METAL GEAR SOLID: PEACE WALKER on the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system. Developed by the legendary Hideo Kojima – the mastermind behind the most successful tactical-espionage video game series of all time – this latest PSP system installment picks up where METAL GEAR SOLID®3 for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system leaves off as players take control of the famed Naked Snake. Taking place in 1974 in a cold war scenario, METAL GEAR SOLID: PEACE WALKER takes the series in an exciting new direction with incredible visuals and a unique design, specifically for the PSP system. A download version of the game and camouflage hardware PSP system bundles is also be available.

“This stunning new title from Hideo Kojima and his Tokyo-based Kojima Productions team will amaze both METAL GEAR fans and new gamers alike,” said Shinji Hirano, president of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. “METAL GEAR SOLID: PEACE WALKER is a spectacular stealth title that brings the action and thrill of a console game to the PSP system taking an interesting turn in the METAL GEAR SOLID saga.”

A blend of action RPG and RTS elements, METAL GEAR SOLID: PEACE WALKER features a gripping story that unfolds through the artwork of Yoji Shinkawa and acclaimed comic book artist, Ashley Wood. The game introduces new AI Weapons- giant unmanned behemoths that Snake must overcome to complete his mission – including airborne, tank, and mobile-fortress-styleenemies that can each talk and sing during battle using VOCALOID technology. Additionally, METAL GEAR SOLID: PEACE WALKER boasts extensive multi-player elements including four-player CO-OPS (COoperative-OPerationS), and a stunning three-against-three battle, wherein six players can form teams and engage in thrilling linked battles via the Sony handheld’s Ad Hoc capabilities that extend the gameplay experience allowing players to administer medical help to colleagues, share munitions, and provide defense for each other using the Snake formation to cover blind spots.

METAL GEAR SOLID: PEACE WALKER begins with Naked Snake training his soldiers and building up his army in Colombia, South America in the shadow of the Cuban Missile Crisis. As Latin America became a key to maintaining the power balance between the East and West, Costa Rica had miraculously managed to maintain its peace and neutrality. However, a mysterious armed force seemed to be engaging in suspicious activities in various regions of the country. To preserve peace in this nation without a military, the Snake’s army had to move into action. In time, they would be known as the founders of “Outer Heaven.”

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